Wedding image

A wedding is an important event for two loving hearts. This is a holiday that should remain in memory for a lifetime. Such a moment and experience happen only once in a lifetime, so I want everything to be perfect. Wedding chores are a pleasant, but nonetheless time-consuming, long process. We will take all cares for you to enjoy not only the celebration, but also the preparation for this wonderful day. Every bride wants to be a queen and look unforgettable. We will help you create your unique image, develop a style that will suit you, select the dress that you have been dreaming about for so long. It will hide all the flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages. In addition, we will select accessories that will only complement your image of the bride. The masters who work with us in the company will make you make-up and hairstyle at a high professional level. All this and other little things that our masters take into account will help you to enter your image as much as possible and look perfect.

But what about the groom? This is a very successful and correct question, since it is very important that harmony and unity is not only for the bride, but also for the newlyweds as a whole. We will select a modern and fashionable suit that will not only fit perfectly on the figure, but also such a suit that will complement the image of the bride and create harmony. We will do everything to make you look beautiful and complement each other on this wonderful day.

The couple who ordered this service from us takes part in the "Bride of the Year" competition. Voting takes place on the site. A couple who managed to get a greater number of votes, in a certain period of time becomes the winner and receives a prize - a mobile phone.

For the bride:

  • selection of dresses from 1 to 3 (according to figure, style, color);
  • selection of accessories that will complement your image;
  • escort for wedding shops;
  • individual hairstyle and makeup on a professional level;

For the groom:

  • selection of a suit from 1 to 3 (according to figure, style, color);
  • selection of accessories;
  • escort for wedding shops;
  • professional hairstyle

Package "Newlyweds"

  • the choice of a harmonious wedding look and outfit;
  • consultation on the style and choice of clothing;
  • selection of necessary accessories;
  • organization of shopping;
  • hairstyle and makeup;
  • the image of the bride and groom;
  • drawing up the wardrobe of the bride and groom;
  • color analysis based on the appearance of the bride and groom, as well as the characteristics of the figure;
  • recommendations for choosing a dress;
  • suit selection;
  • selection of hairstyles, makeup;
  • makeup artist and stylist services;
  • manicure selection;
  • rehearsal of makeup and hairstyles (if necessary);

Our employees work promptly and efficiently, with departure to any specified place. Cooperating with us only once, you will receive the whole range of these services. There is also a choice of services. Having ordered preparation for the wedding with us, you will always be at your best, the complete combination and harmony of the bride and groom, excellent prices, and quality service - all this will make this day unforgettable. Would you like your wedding to be special? Welcome to our agency!