Creating dancing image

You will not have a second time to make a first impression.

Each dancer dreams of an individual, stylish and original image on the floor. Employees of our image agency will help each partner to create their own unique and inimitable style, as well as teach you how to do hair and apply makeup properly. We have a whole group of specialists in the field of dance - psychologists, specialists in plastics, designers, massage therapists and many others. All these people will definitely help you achieve success in the field of dance and become the kind of person you really will pay attention to. You will not only look like a champion, but feel like him.

A distinctive feature of our agency is not only that all employees know their work perfectly and possess all the subtleties of creating an image, but also know how to prepare professional dancers for competitions.Image consultants offer you the following services:

1) selection of dresses and accessories;
2) selection of color of a suit and silhouette;
3) help in creating an image for a couple;
4) consultation on the correct tailoring of a suit;
5) advice on creating hairstyles and makeup;

We are ready to make you a professional hairstyle and make-up, as well as to share the tricks and secrets of creating an image that are not found anywhere in the media, thus opening your path to success for you. We will come at any time and provide you with a full range of services.

Our experts are interested in fashion in dance, so they are always aware of all the new products. Finding the right image and helping you enter it is our job. We will select the perfect costume for you, which will fit the theme of your performance; in addition, we will not only choose the costume, but also select all the accessories that complement the image.

To date, there is a mass of new in modern fashion and in the fashion of dancing. For example, given the modern mores and performances of some dancers, we can safely say that in the near future there will be fashionable costumes of Greek style. Jewelry and accessories will become even more impressionable and large. Flounces and frills, frill again come into fashion, and are gaining momentum.

If earlier designers tried to change only the upper part of the costume, now more attention is paid to the lower part. Also, clear, bright and contrasting images that attract attention are very popular.

All this is just the beginning, our staff will help you to reach the very top of the iceberg, not only to feel like a star, but also to be it. Do not put it off until later. You can continue to live like this, but you can drastically change your life in the other direction, in the direction of popularity and fame.

Start a new life right now, using the services of our agency. You will receive only the most pleasant impressions, open yourself from the new side. Who knows, maybe the whole world will speak about you.У вас не будет второго раза, чтобы произвести первое впечатление.