No matter how strange it may sound, the centuries-old folk wisdom: “They meet me by the clothes ...” is still relevant today. Not only the attitude of others, but also career success depends on the appearance of any person, his style and image. If an individual and professional image does not correspond to who the person really is, this can lead to a rather unpleasant situation. The modern image should not only express our internal perceptions, but also correspond to our position in society and at work. In your personal life, you can dress as you like: stylishly or simply, fashionably and tastefully, or wear absolutely ugly things from the point of view of the image maker. At work, this will not work. Each self-respecting company creates a kind of dress code, which every employee must comply with.

Turning to recruitment agencies, image agency CHURSINA STYLE offers a new program of cooperation. Our style expert is ready to advise your clients on any issues of creating an image on the territory of a recruitment agency. This is a great opportunity for the applicant to declare himself to a potential employer, without violating the unspoken laws of the dress code of the organization. We will help you create the perfect wardrobe for work and leisure. At the request of the client, an expert of our agency is ready to take part in shopping support. It will help you to choose a perfectly fitting thing, suitable for the style, color and color type of the client, to get suitable stylish accessories, to give recommendations on makeup or hairstyles. For marriage agencies and wedding salons, we are pleased to offer a service to create a new image and individual style for your clients. Create new loving couples with us! We will help you develop a completely unique image for a man or woman, make perfect makeup or a spectacular hairstyle, choose an amazing wedding dress for a beautiful bride and a suit that fits perfectly on the groom. The image of the created pair will be holistic and harmonious. Happy customers are the key to the prosperity of your business. Successful couples created in your agency will be surely followed by new clients, which will increase not only the competitiveness of your organization, but also entail a significant increase in turnover.
Image agency CHURSINA STYLE launches a new program of cooperation with the beauty industry. Beauty salons, SPA and fitness centers, we offer training services for employees and staff new opportunities that they can offer their customers. Now you can professionally advise on image-building issues. By recommending CHURSINA STYLE to your customers, you get our advertising support.

We are happy to participate in all television projects and radio programs. Our professional specialists are ready to give any information and discover all the secrets of creating an image, an individual style, proper makeup and the choice of fashion accessories with which you can radically change the image; We can talk about new fashion trends and analyze current trends of the next season.
Image agency CHURSINA STYLE offers professional assistance in creating an individual image not only to its regular customers and private individuals. For owners of fashion stores, boutiques and ateliers, we are pleased to offer additional services that will undoubtedly affect the level of sales and the competitiveness of your company. For shoppers and atelier customers, we will be happy to assist in:
drawing up an individual wardrobe;

  • orientation of clients by style, color, and suitable style;
  • selection of accessories, harmoniously combined with the individual image of the buyer and the chosen wardrobe;
  • the provision of services the image of a specialist or stylist;
  • organization of shopping escort. 


In turn, we are ready to:

  • Stylize collections in your storemake a forecast of the colors and patterns that are fashionable in the next season, compiling new collections;conduct joint promotions;
  • recommend the brands available in your store to clients of the image of CHURSINA STYLE agency;
  • provide training and seminars on the image and style for the staff of your store or atelier.
  • After training, the staff will be able to professionally analyze the selection of clothes by type of figure, color, color and style of the buyer;
  • We are ready to provide discounts and bonuses to all customers of the studio or store who contacted us according to your recommendations.


The professionalism, vast experience of specialists of the image agency CHURSINA STYLE and an individual approach to each client will make a huge positive impression on any consumer. A new exclusive service in your store, wedding salon, SPA-center or atelier will certainly attract new customers. Collaborating with you is very important to us.