About us

Creating your own image is a very lengthy procedure and requires not only the constant intervention of good professionals who know everything about modern fashion trends, but also constant self-monitoring. Properly selected makeup, a perfect hairstyle, well-fitting stylish clothes or a fashion accessory can radically change your current image, the attitude of others around you and even, you can say, your entire personal and public life. The ideal image that professional image makers help create is always admired and delighted.

Image agency CHURSINA STYLE, created by a certified specialist Galina Chursina, is considered to be a true expert on all the subtleties of fashion and style, will help you find an individual style and create your own irresistible image.

Due to constant participation in national and international competitions, we have the opportunity:

  • follow the latest news and trends in the world of modern fashion;
  • share experience with other high-class image makers;
  • show your achievements in fashion shows, dance tournaments and portfolio projects;
  • Express yourself.

Thanks to our vast experience in creating unique images for thematic photo shoots and beautiful wedding images, fashion shows for TV shows, corporate and social clients, we are ready to make excellent competition even to leading stylists and hairdressers in Russia. The employees of our image agency have all the necessary skills to create an absolutely unique, magnificent, perfect image. We will help determine the choice of clothing, the selection of perfect makeup and hairstyles.

Working for the result, we strive to use all the accumulated experience and knowledge. We love our work and do it with high quality and with great pleasure. Everyone who contacted the image agency CHURSINA STYLE at least once is very satisfied. We are working on respectable and respectable images of many famous politicians, big businessmen and socialites. Our customers always come back to us.

Trust real specialists in creating the perfect image and the result of our professional work will conquer your environment! We make people happy!